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$39 per month

We Provide VOS3000 V6.00 SoftSwicth @Cheap Monthly Rent, VOS3000 is one of the best VoIP Softswitch around the world, Currently Version V6.00 Released 8th January 2018 -by kunshi Network. Its Most Stable Version from all Previus Realeased VOS Switch. Latest VOS3000 Made a new example in the industry, Most Secure Ever, Have Huge Security Updates, Complete Solutions for VoIP.

Our vos3000 softswitch -Carrier level reliability, 99.999%. User Can Manage Routing based on load balancing Among the several soft switches, It is the most popular and widely used Softswitch in the telecommunication industry.

A few of the services provided by our expert team include:

Software Installation, upgrades, configuration, and optimization

  • Software Installation, upgrades, configuration, and optimization
  • Web Servers (Apache, IIS, nginx, and others)
  • Database Servers (Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others)
  • Mail Servers (Exchange and others)
  • Virtualization (Citrix, VMWare, Hyper-V, Parallels, and others)
  • Hosting products (cPanel, Parallels Plesk, and others)

Server migrations

  • Control Panel (cPanel, Plesk) migrations

Infrastructure planning/design

Complete platform integration

And much more

Safe & Security

$40 per month

We offer Vos3000 Softswitch With Our Customised OS. Hosted 100% Dedicated Server. Safe and Security --Managed hosting service designed to provide the best security practices for your dedicated servers. This optional service includes OS and application updates, configuration and maintenance of a Vos3000 firewall, .

You Can Easy to operate Web Based Anti Atteck Fail2ban Module. Special SIP firewall Prevent from millions of IP attacks. 100% Hacking Free Guarantee. Kunshi Network Hosted every server come with DDoS Protected.


$25 per month

Carrier level reliability, 99.999%. User Can Manage Routing based on load balancing Among the several soft switches, It is the most popular and widely used Softswitch in the telecom industry. With the help of this Softswitch, you can operate any management system without any issues. If you want a reliable, carrier-class, stable, and high-performance system, this is the best choice for small and large enterprises Grade Provider.

This optional service combines basic connectivity monitoring with server resource (CPU, Memory, IO) monitoring and advanced application level monitoring to ensure continual availability of your dedicated server.

Server Location

Your server location is the most important factor before choosing the data center. It is an essential tool to start your VoIP business. Although you can choose a data center that is far away from your current location, you will not get the best output. In general, we use copper wire to connect with our server. Depending on the type of wire you’re working with, the internet speed can vary. If your area is in natural disasters, you should also think about a backup datacenter. There’s minimal risk of losing connection. This is why VoIP servers are best, as you can easily switch from one data center to another one with a glimpse of an eye. Finally, you have to ensure that the data center is accessible to your IT specialist. Perform required maintenance or upgrades from the remote location to ensure smooth connectivity.


Single server support 20,000 simultaneous calls, 200,000 SIP accounts, 10,000+ media proxy. VOS3000 is the most popular Softswitch for the wholesale carrier. It is a Linux based Softswitch. Now Its More stable, Finaly VOS3000 Is The Only Complete Softswitch In this Globe. Developed - by Kunshi Network.

The switch also integrates add-on modules like the Global Card Business System (support 10 million cards) and Extreme Media Proxy for you to build a stable, reliable, and High-Performance operating system. If you can get proper training, you can also run it in VoIP operators, VoIP voice network construction and value-added business applications for Large Enterprise customers, millions of global cards business system, call Center, IP Enterprise PBX other value-added services platform.

Best Hosted SoftSwitch Broadcast Your Voip Business

VOS3000 Rental Service: -A Hosted VoIP Softswitch is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized IP telephony service providers. With our hosted switch solution, you never have to deal with the complexities and costs of deploying, managing, and maintaining a full switching

If you are looking for a complete solution for your VoIP business, you are in the right place! We Are 20 Years Of Experienced!

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Kunshi VOS3000 Features

$99 per month

There are many soft switches available in the market, but KUNSHI VOS3000 switch has been able to stand out on its own due to its robust/stable operation system, high performance, dynamic features, and a tremendous number of vital features. it extremely affordable for your organization to reduce costs and enhance the availability of your critical applications.

"ALL-IN-ONE" Softswitch For Voip Service Provider.

AutoMetic Billing

  • You can completely renovate your ancient and confusing billing system. VOS can offer manual/automated CDR to help you with a robust, secure, and user-friendly billing portal. You can manage different rates and apply custom filters to your customer/vendor and get the most out of your business.

High capacity

  • VOS3000 is a carrier-grade system with high production on the focus. It supports SIP/H323/SIP-H323 and has a tremendous capacity for handling 10,000 concurrent calls at any given moment. The IVR also has a higher IP binding capacity and media forwarding capacity to 4,000 concurrent calls.

High stability

  • A Softswitch needs to do multiple works simultaneously. As a result, many of the soft switches tend to fail while working. VOS3000 makes you free of this burden. It supports Overload protection, load balancing, and redundancy backup mechanism to provide you an uninterrupted service


  • One of the main strengths is that it is very reliable and user-friendly. It gives you the power to manage almost all your Softswitch-related needs and work on multiple channels making VOS3000 one of the most reliable soft switches available in the market.

Performance oriented

  • Performance is a crucial indicator of your business’s development. To ensure high performance, VOS3000 gives you the option to manage multiple systems with ease. Also It focuses not only on enhancing your processing performance but also on the overall performance of your business.

Web self-service system

  • It has a web-based, user-friendly interface to support up to date features like online payment, reports, routings control, auto invoice, and many more. You don’t need to worry about system security as VOS3000 has the backbone support of a robust Anti Hack & Firewall system.

Hosted Switch Solution -Carrier-Class VOS3000 Softswitch. We provide the VOS3000 with Multi core Intel Xeon server Include Premium bandwidth. can be ordered in any combination you choose.