VOS3000 Switch & Dedicated Server | VOS3000 V6.00 LTS

VOS3000 Switch V6.00 LTS With Dedicated Server. VOS3000 is a Versatile and One of The Most used Softswitch. VOS3000 Switch -By Kunshi Networks

VOS3000 V2.1.6.0 With All New Feature Powerful Versions V6.00.

-VOS3000 V2.1.6.0 Version V6.00 Secure & Powerful Class-5SoftSwitch Platform In Voip Market. VOS3000 is Designed for small and medium scale carrier-class Softswitch -by Kunshi Networks. We Provide Latest VOS3000 V2.1.6.0 Versions V6.00. With All New Feature. Want different versions? No Worries! Click Here.

Carrier-class softswitch -Protocol support SIP/H323 -Excellent compatibility -Safe and reliable -Automatic CDR billing -Integration with other systems.
VOS3000 is the reliable softswitch in the industry. ItS safest version from other version of VOS3000.



Useful for

  • File share
  • Backup or archival storage
$39 Per Month


$69 Per Month


$89 Per Month


$119 Per Month


VOS3000 SOFTSWITCH VoIP Operation System (VOS).

Latest VOS3000 Softswitch Made Huge Security Updates, Now Its More Secure, Most Stable Version with New Features. a Perfact SoftSwitch Solution For WholeSale Voip Provider.VOS3000 Backup On Google Drive.

Servers are fully operational durning backups, impact of backup and overhead is minimal.


  • Support 5,000 live calls
  • Support 20,000 online phones
  • IVR, IP PBX, Media sampling
  • Its Secure & Most Stable.

Useful for

  • Dedicated server for vos3000
  • VM servers for low cost vos.
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Autometic Database Backup


  • Support gateway registration
  • Support real-time billing,
  • Support 3 millon fee rates
  • High Capacity high stability

Useful for

  • blacklist/whitelist based routing
  • incress gsm gateway acd/asr.
  • secure termination business
  • Live Support Via Whatsapp

VOS3000 SWITCH V4.00 V6.00 | V6.00 |-Clean Editions.

What is a VOS3000 SoftSwitch

Vos3000 is a Linux based carrier-grade Softswitch. It is a specially designed, robust, and dynamic solution to fulfil all of your VoIP needs. The server you’ll be using as your base of operation is otherwise known as the VOS3000

Why VOS3000 Softswitch From Kunshi

Vos3000 is a Linux based carrier-grade Softswitch. Developed By Kunshi Networks. It is a specially designed, robust, and dynamic solution to fulfil all of your VoIP needs. The server you’ll be using as your base of operation is otherwise known as the VOS3000 Switch

Take A Vos3000 Rental Service

We Offer VOS3000 Switch rental solution. If you are concerned about costing or don’t want to buy a Softswitch, you can look up the companies that offer Vos3000 server rent to their clients. That way you can cost-optimize your operation by a reasonable margin.

Safety And Security

The main reason you are choosing a server for your VOS3000 Softswitch is to keep your data safe. So there is absolutely no chance that you should compromise with your data security. Make sure your provider gives you an advanced firewall, protection from DDOS attacks/brute forces, latest security patches and an instruction prevention system

Bandwidth allocation Per server

The more bandwidth you have, the more traffic you can handle. As you start to grow your business, you’ll be needing more and more bandwidth allocation. A provider who offers quick up-gradation on bandwidth can be a great asset in your business journey.

Money back Guarantee

WE offer 7 day money back guarantee Order with confidence. Not happy with your dedicated server? Get a full refund.

Near Continuous Data Protection

While your dedicated server is running, CDP keeps track of what sectors on the disk have changed. This allows for instant incremental backups without time consuming block-by-block comparisons.

Co-Location & Data Center.

In general, we are connected some big data centers around the world. It includes the USA datacenter, Singapore datacenter, Germany datacenter, France Datacenter, UK Datacenter and so on. You should consider some factors to choose the most reliable data center.

Customer Satisfaction

People may judge VoIP service providers based on their customer reviews and satisfaction rate. as most of them offer similar packages and rates. So, making a quality customer support team is a must to become a successful identity in the VoIP industry.

Best Quality Route

To ensure the best voice quality, you need a strong server, hardware devices, and software applications. A well-trained customer care team may provide a quality service to maintain these operations. Thus, you will be able to gain customer satisfaction and trust.

Ensure the Best Customer Support

Nowadays, customer support is a core and essential part of any successful business. Like others, you need to focus strongly on this sector too while starting your VoIP business.