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VOS3000 Version It is undoubtedly a secure & powerful wholesale VOIP Softswitch solution. Latest Vos3000 V.60 with a new web interface. -More Details

Kunshi -VOS3000 VoIP Operation | V2.1.6.0 Platform

NEW VOS3000 V2.1.6.0 --The latest version of VOS 3000 has been identified as a stable and efficient high-performance carrier-class system even after extensive research. It also follows its ancestor versions’ footprint by providing features like System Management, User Management, Data Query, and Web Self-Service System, among other features.

Our customers from more than 130 countries worldwide. kunshi network vos3000 softswitch is most secure ever. kunshi Vos3000 provides dependable and robust vos3000 service with an excuisite 24/7 customer support of course.

High concurrency

  • The softswitch adopts pure asynchronous processing, and the number of concurrent calls in a single server system can reach 5,000 lines.
  • With high-efficiency media forwarding capability, it can realize single-machine voice forwarding 5,000 lines
  • Support millions of account openings, 20,000 users are online in real time


  • Support gateway routing redundancy backup, individual landing gateway failure, business is not affected in any way.
  • Automatic gateway lock function to ensure that the faulty gateway is automatically closed and improve the call connection rate.
  • Load balancing between multiple routes.

Flexible billing

  • Real-time billing, forced disconnection.
  • Centralized rate management supports tens of thousands of rate rule settings.
  • Exact match by number prefix.
  • Time period rate function is rich in charging strategy.
  • The billing accuracy adopts 7 decimal places, and the 8th place adopts a further system.

Real-time alarm monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring of hardware status.
  • Real-time monitoring and automatic recovery of service components.
  • Real-time monitoring of operational data ASR, ACD, PDD, etc..
  • Support interface, sound, email alert.

Multi-Lavel Agent

  • Any multi-level agent extension.
  • At the same time, deduct fees for each level of agency.
  • Agent Private Rate Group.
  • Unified management of numbers and segments, hierarchical configuration.

Real Time Control

  • Real-time softswitch status view, fault alarm.
  • Real-time online gateway and terminal query.
  • Filter current calls in real time.
  • Monitor landing quality through gateway status.

Board Compability

  • Speech coding: full speech coding set.
  • Video coding: H.261, H.263, H.264, VP8, etc..
  • Fax: T38.
  • Support DTMF conversion and sending mode setting: RFC2833, SIP INFO.

System Security

  • Login using SHA512, RSA2048 encryption, storage using AES128 encryption.
  • Support log function, detailed record time, operator, IP, modification content.
  • IP and MAC address client login restrictions and automatic email notification.
  • Detailed operations and related permissions can be defined for users of different levels.

Verious Report Output

  • Call charge report: gateway call charge report, phone call charge report...
  • Settlement report: account settlement income and expenditure report, settlement account detail report, settlement gateway detail report...
  • Analysis report: gateway connection analysis report, gateway area analysis report, gateway cross area analysis report...
  • Send reports automatically

Rich Package Customization

  • Support daily package, monthly package, annual package, one-time package
  • Support minimum consumption, tiered consumption, time discount
  • Support holiday packages, gift amount, gift time
  • Provide comprehensive support for operators to formulate sales strategies, market plans, etc.

Complete Routing Strategy

  • Automatic routing by LCR
  • Priority routing by area
  • Route by gateway group
  • Route according to preset ratio
  • Route by time
  • Automatic load balancing of routes with the same priority

Powerfull Finction expension

  • Contains all functions of VOS2009
  • Support dual machine hot backup
  • Support voice sampling
  • Support recording
  • Support transcoding

Contains all functions of VOS2009/3000/5000

Kunshi VOS3000 SoftSwitch provides complete VoIP solutions for VoIP resellers. Our clients are small to medium sized VoIP companies providing a wide range of different VoIP services. Our main package includes everything you will need to start a VoIP business. The Kunshi VOS3000 SoftSwitch main package includes a class 5 softswitch with integrated billing and a Kunshi VOS3000 SoftSwitch user portal. Additionally, depending on the service you wish to offer, you may want some of our additional modules including our Resellers module if you wish to offer services through resellers and agents, our Calling Cards module if you wish to offer pin and PINless calling cards, our Callshop module, and our Unified Communication or PBX if you want to offer services to business clients. We offer desktop and mobile dialers if you wish to offer VoIP services for mobile phones or desktops. We also offer Rich Communication Suite (RCS) desktop and mobile dialers if you want to provide your customers with specialized Viber-like high quality dialers. Our desktop and mobile dialers are completely brandable so your clients will not know who the provider is. If you are planning to start a VoIP business, please contact our sales so we can advise you and offer you information on our pricing. You can contact us by emailing [email protected] VOS3000 SoftSwitch.com or using the Live Chat on the website.

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